• Session at the Fernwood Inn, Victoria, BC
  • The River Tay in Perthshire, Scotland
  • A silver "Loch Leven" brown trout from a hill loch
  • A Scotch Thistle at it's prickly finest

Welcome to Tunes and Troutfishing

Tunes and Trout Fishing are pastimes that add happiness and enjoyment to my life. Whether it's the euphoria you get from the energy of a group of musicians in free-flow with the music they revel in, or that incredible shot of adrenalin at the moment a fish is deceived by your fly or lure, and the connection is made from man to fish along the length of a stretch of line, evoking primitive memories and feelings. There is both companionship and solitude available in both pursuits. Contemplation and good cràic, right enough!

Fiddle and melodeon - a classic instrument combination

Tunes Anyone?

The Happy Trout Fisherman

Happiness is a man with a trout!