I absolutely love Irish and Scottish traditional music, particularly when it's performed well by fantastic musicians, exponents of the craft. I am one of many wannabes who would love to emulate these folks, and in fact, I have tried to do so, having played in a number of different bands in my time, even a couple of orchestras. I still come up just short of my own expectations of how a piece of music should sound before I can justify performing it in public, but still I will try. 

So it is practice, practice, practice. Learn the tune in your head so you can "picture it" and try and project the 'image' to your fingers and, for me, the bow. It's been more than 30 years of trying for me now. Most of the time I don't think I quite get it, but I persevere, and come back to it and try again, inspired by musicians such as these.


Here's a one from Fergal Scahill's Fiddle Tune a Day for 2017. Mighty stuff!  Slàinthe!